Bloody snow…

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 Wow, looked out my window today and all I see is whiteness.  I can’t remember the last time we had snow (here in London) like this and actually settled. We have 3 days left to go still of it too.
Thanks mr snowman as have already had 3 real time bookings cancel on me due to this bizarre weather we are having, I mean come on it’s practically March for goodness sake.
Whoever let a bit of snow get in the way of your Fetish, kinks or just your plans. Sounds like an excuse to me, maybe because of the fear factor they have in actually meeting me haha.
This weather seems to be a delayed season.  Looks like we are entering winter not spring.  Bring on summer my favourite season.
I am really not a cold weather person but least warmer weather MUST be on the way.
On a brighter note, literally at least the sun is shining.
Starting to make plans for my next female supremacy meeting which looks like will be in early April now as many other things on at the end of March and throughout.
Feel free to drop me a message to say hi and how the snow has been effecting you.
Let me know what your doing in this white, wonderful wetness they call snow.
With love & hate
Xena x

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