Cum Swallow Trainer Remastered by Gargantua4

For this video you will need a glass with cum in it. Why? You are going to drink it, stupid bitch! So get ready to spill that cum in your mouth. 3, 2, 1, Do It Now! Yeah, just like that. How does it feel? It’s hot, salty and sticky. Yummy. Taste it, does it excite you knowing your mouth is full of cum right now? You feel like a bad girl. Well, you are not a girl yet. You will become one after swallowing that mouthful. But, remember, there’s no going back. If you want to be a woman, you have to think like a woman. You have to act like a woman. So don’t worry you will love it. Now play with it. Feel it with your tongue. You just want to gulp it down. You can’t resist it. Well if this is what you want, stop being a pussy and get ready… You are going to drink cum in… 5, are you sure about what you are doing? 4, I warned you, stupid bitch! 3, 2, 1… Swallow it all! Can you feel it? You’re becoming a girl. Feel it sliding down your throat. Drink every last drop of it. Congratulations! Enjoy Cum Swallow Trainer Remastered by Gargantua4

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