Cumwhore Status Achieved by GirlySissyBoy

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Hey Sissy! Get ready for your daily training. Lock up your little clitty now. Locked up sissies are more obedient in training. They moan when an alpha fingers their pussy, Yes sissy, you love real men. They shove big things in your mouth and your pink sissy pussy. Clitty caged. Pussy fucked. Blank & empty sissy fuckdoll. Don’t be ashamed sweetheart. It’s healthy to want to submit & obey. Just relax and ride real cocks. Don’t worry about honor & dignity. Taking cock is the highest honor. But, remember… No touching that little sissy clitty unless there is a cock in your pussy. Real men need you for their pleasure. Stop being selfish. You are a girl. Enjoy Cumwhore Status Achieved by GirlySissyBoy.


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