Do You Have A Cum Fetish? by Anniewankenobi

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Do you have a cum fetish? You want this. You love cum videos. Have you considered what that means. Have you considered what that says about you? It’s obvious you want to be the girls. But why? That you’re really gay? Hear me out! You want this. Why would a heterosexual man want to eat cum? You dream of being a whore. There’s no natural reason for it. You can’t stop the thirst. So your desire to eat cum indicates that you are secretly gay. You just haven’t been able to admit it. But you’re going to admit it, today, when you eat that cum.  You see how horny it makes you. You see how much you love it. There will be no denying that you’re gay. And you think about sucking cock all the time, don’t you?  You prefer sucking cock now. It’s the truth. The truth that you can’t tell anyone. Its your dirty, dirty little secret about eating cum. Taking cumshots instead of giving. You think about eating other mens cum. Having them cum all over your face. Cum in your mouth. Cum is so good for you. You’re just a warm place for guys to blow their load. Just a fucking cum recepticle. You love it. You love the taste. You love the smell. You are obsessed and if you don’t love it already, you’re going to learn to love it. Enjoy Do You Have A Cum Fetish by Anniewankenobi.


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