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My most popular video this week was a worship video featuring My all natural breasts. This weeks most popular audio file was one of My many Feminization files called Feminization Brainwashing.

As I mentioned this past week I am out of space to upload files so I have begun deleting some recordings. I really dislike having to do this but I simply have no choice!


I hope that you are enjoying your holiday weekend so far! Yesterday I went down to the Coconut Arts Festival and other than some brief downpours it was nice weather and some fantastic artwork. Today and tomorrow My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule.

Appearing on Marque

Sissy Application 

Be a good gurl and answer all the questions completely! There are 20 in depth questions! Don’t leave out a single detail! I want to know all your secrets and secret desires! I will be reading every single word!

Most Popular Video

Worship Natasha 

These bras are so sexy and fit so well! They show off My gorgeous and cleavage! It does make you weak! I know that it does! So perfectly sized at 36C and so perfect for worship as you feel your strength draining away! I become more powerful as you gaze and worship! My elegant hands stroke as I encourage you more and more. Seducing you into submission as you imagine kneeling in front of Me!

Most Popular Audio

Feminization Brainwashing Therapy 

Domination Emasculation

Each session and each time you listen to My brainwashing files you become more and more feminized. Slowly but surely these changes are becoming your new normal. As My voice penetrates your subconscious you see what I want you to see! As My suggestions become even more deeply embedded you carry them out as if it is the most natural thing in the world! Deeper and deeper as you become more and more feminine. Becoming permanently conditioned to accept each suggestion and each new aspect of your feminization!

Recent Releases

~ NEW~ Femme and Emasculated 

Domination Emasculation

It is so empowering and exciting to see your transformation! Each step another step to your complete emasculation. Each step carefully planned to feminize and emasculate you as you come to accept your place. That IS My plan for you. A smoothly shaved body making you feel feminine as you pull on the stockings I have chosen for you. The panties that make you feel so sexy with the matching bra that cups your developing curves! Yes, your breasts are growing and you are so thrilled just as I am! Each time you see your budding breasts you feel more feminine and less masculine. It just makes you more eager to continue your hormone treatment! Getting ready for bed and putting on your sexy baby doll nightie you can’t possibly feel like a man…not anymore! Saying a good bye to your male ego as your feminization and emasculation continue! So emotional and so deeply psychologically transforming! Featuring Femdom, feminization, domination emasculation, Female Domination

~NEW~ Service BBC Superior Cock 

Domination Emasculation

I know that you can’t stop thinking about big black cock! It is hard to get away from! Everywhere you look on the internet it IS all about big black cock! For you that means you just keep getting more and more obsessed! Seeing the reactions of men and women as they lust after BBC just like you! As your go to porn if it has big black cock you want to watch it! Imagining yourself taking BBC and being used! Isn’t it emasculating knowing there are all these Women in the world who want NOTHING to do with you! Like you they are looking for big black cock just like you! They crave it just like you! It is the one thing that gets you rock hard every time. Fantasizing over and over about superior black cock As a beta you SHOULD be sucking it, serving BBC and swallowing that black seed. It IS your place, black cock IS superior to you and you belong on your knees servicing it! Featuring Femdom, feminization, domination emasculation, BBC, big black cock

~NEW~ The Feminization Specialist 

Domination Emasculation

My reputation has grown and I AM known as the Feminization Specialist! This is exactly why you have come to Me! Since you have been unable to commit yourself fully, it is up to Me to force you to take the steps that are needed. It is up to Me to transform you into the girl that I know is deep in your mind! I know what is best for you and I will decide what is best for you! With My colleague Dr Jennifer’s help the hormone therapy and testosterone blockers will have a profound effect on you physically, emotionally and psychologically. As your breasts form and your balls shrink you realize your masculine traits are also diminishing. Featuring Femdom, feminization, domination emasculation, forced feminization, transformation, chastity, emasculation, breast augmentation

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