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As a Lifestyle Mistress My life is based on Female Domination Control as well as Female Supremacy. My personal life as well as My interactions with slaves and submissives reflect this! In addition My recordings both audio and video as well as My writings also reflect this.

My most popular video this week was one of My many Mind Control recordings called Downward Spiral.

This weeks most popular audio file was Bimbo Wife is one of My files in My Making you My “wife” series.

Also Forced Sissy Maid appeared on the goodie marque as one of the most popular files on the site.

If you missed any of this week’s SPOTLIGHT files you can VIEW THEM HERE.

Today I am updating social media, recording new audios for the upcoming week as well as taking calls.

Appearing on Marque

Forced Sissy Maid 

I have such plans for you! They are very detailed and all designed to transform you into a sissy maid to serve! It all begins when you walk in and are completely stripped and any male paraphernalia destroyed in front of you. Trust Me that you will no longer need those things. My special “tea” created was created to relax you and make you more malleable. After a relaxing bath and as the tea begins to take effect I will be dressing you in a casual outfit I will be taking you for a day at the spa. Body waxing, eyebrow shaping and more as your feminization begins! When we arrive home the training begins with the clothing, high heels, corset and uniforms! All specially chosen by Me of course!

Most Popular Video

Downward Spiral into Submission 

Continuing My control of you, I take you down so very deeply. I am using My crystal pendant around My neck as well as My beautiful breasts and cleavage to mesmerize you. Of course, My elegant hands are used to stroke and use in a countdown. The swell of My lovely 36C all natural breasts enthrall and mesmerize you as you listen to My voice. Your downward spiral into submission continues with overwhelming feelings of worship and adoration.

Most Popular Audio

Making you My Bimbo “wife” 

I get so excited when I think of your transformation into My wife. All the physical, emotional and psychological changes that will take place. It is such a powerful feeling and I can’t wait to make you My bimbo wife! I know that you crave men’s attention and just love strutting your stuff! Get ready to be My bimbo wife!

Recent Releases

~ NEW~ Pussy Free Panty Boy 

I know that you are such a panty boy! One can never have enough panties! It has just become more and more addicting with every pair of panties that you buy! Just looking at your soft silky nylon panties collection gets you so excited! Looking at them makes you want to stroke! The more you wear them the more you want to stroke! Edging stroking for hours on end! Oh wearing panties HAS contributed to your chronic masturbation! The more you wear panties the more you want to stroke; the more you stroke the more you want to wear panties! Featuring panties, panty boy, humiliation, panty humiliation, chronic masturbation, panty buying, plugged in panties, Female domination control, pussy free, emasculation

~NEW~ Cock Control Trigger 

Just a click and hearing Goddesses voice and you feel so content and excited! Now you are right where you belong ~ under Goddesses control, listening to My voice. Absorbing My words. Eager to obey. Eager to submit. By now you know what I want. Total and complete control. All it takes is the sound of My voice for you to feel so aroused. So excited to hear My words. So excited to follow My commands. Every word I speak to brings you deeper under My control. Throbbing from a single word. A single trigger to make you throb exciting you each time I say it..and still you want more. Featuring Femdom, mind control, masturbation control, Female domination control, erection control, arousal trigger

~ NEW ~ In Pursuit of Femininity 

Every step brings you further into femininity Another day, another step toward permanent feminization. Another day, another step of erasing your masculinity. As the hormones start taking effect you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. At times reveling in the feelings of femininity and at other times the deep emotions of your masculinity being erased moving you to tears! But you know this is your destiny just as I know it! It started with just panties and lingerie but it has been a natural progression. A progression towards complete and total feminization! Featuring feminization, HRT, hormone therapy, feminization acceptance, Female domination control, emasculation

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