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Emasculation. There are so many forms that it can take! From verbal to emotional to the final and complete emasculation. It is so empowering to delve into your psyche and find out just what will crush your male ego and emasculate you! As you can tell I find emasculation to be so powerful AND erotic.

~NEW~ Ego Shattering Emasculation 

The destruction of the male ego is an essential part of submission and servitude . This recording is a brutal assault on your manhood! With each word I crush your masculinity and leave you psychologically, emotionally and mentally drained! NOT FOR THE SENSITIVE! Featuring Femdom, sexual inferiority, Female domination emasculation, SPH, humiliation, verbal humiliation, ego destruction, sexual inadequacy

Today My I am available per My regular hours (2PM until midnight) by phone and chat! 

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend! Mine was busy but also filled with time at the beach, seeing the moon rise over the ocean and Sunday brunch on the intercoastal.

Female Domination Emasculation

Complete Emasculation 

Female Domination Emasculation

I believe that total and complete emasculation must take place to break a male. Absolute destruction of the male psyche and male ego will lead to submission. This emasculation can take many forms executed in a variety of ways. That is what the challenge is for Me. Finding out exactly what it will take to emasculate you and ultimately break you! Featuring elements of strap-on, strap-on worship, Femdom, chastity, orgasm control, orgasm denial and more!

Emasculating you…Mentally and Emotionally 

Female Domination Emasculation

I get so much pleasure and satisfaction out of emasculating you and find it particularly powerful and erotic. There are so many ways to crush your ego and completely emasculate you! Oh, I am not talking about just panties, lipstick and making you feel feminine but engaging in things that will leave your masculinity crushed!

Small Cock Extinction 

Female Domination Emasculation

One of My goals is the extinction of small cocks! Many of My fellow Female Dominants also believe that this is a worthy goal and support the endeavors of a movement to rid the world of small cocks! In actuality it is Women all over the world and NOT just Femdommes or Female Supremacists! Women world wide are making their desires known! NO MORE small cocks! Features elements of SPH, BBC, breeding, small cock elimination, big cock, Female domination emasculation, humiliation

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