Feminization Brainwashing Therapy Goddess Natasha

As a Mistress being in control is the most important aspect of the Lifestyle. Taking control and manipulating you to My way of thinking and what I want can be accomplished in a number of ways. Just imagine coming to Me for help and instead of “curing” you I manipulate you into believing that feminization IS natural and what is best for you! That is the basis for My feminization brainwashing therapy!

~NEW~ Feminization Brainwashing 

My you look so lovely and feminine! From the wig cosmetic to high heels you look wonderful. The therapy sessions have gone so well and you are making progress! Unfortunately what you don’t know is that I am manipulating your mind and programming you to BE feminine. I am making sure that your subconscious understands that the cross dressing is completely normal and what it best for you! Imprinting in your mind that you WILL stop fighting doubts about your cross dressing and make you crave it even more! Hypnotizing you and making you crave and become even more addicted to the panties, stockings and feeling feminine! I am going to make you believe that this is all perfectly normal and that it IS what is best for you!

Feminization Brainwashing Therapy 

Feminization Brainwashing Therapy

So you have come to Me for My help in stopping dressing in feminine clothes, shopping and all those feminine things you enjoy. In our therapy session, you tell Me that you feel it is taking over your life and is becoming more and more of an obsession and you want to stop this behavior! I assure you that I can help through behavior modification and intense mind manipulation. Eagerly you agree to begin the first therapy session immediately! Listen closely as your therapy session begins! Frankly you have no idea what you are in for! Did you really think I was going to cure you of all those feminine habits and dressing in Women’s clothing? After all, My motto is making you better by making you worse! After My therapy you are going to be FORCED into feminization!

Feminization Brainwashing Session Two 

Feminization Brainwashing Therapy

Therapy continues! However MY goal is very different from yours! So you want to be “cured” of all feminine behavior and being obsessed with dressing and feminine pursuits! BUT My goal is that with each session you become MORE obsessed and I am actually modifying your behavior so that by the time I am done you will be FORCED into feminization. Permanently! This very manipulative and devious session is another step in manipulating you and forcing you into a life of feminization! The best part about it is that you THINK you are getting better!

Feminization Brainwashing Session Three 

Feminization Brainwashing Therapy

It’s time for another therapy session! I am happy that you are here and happy to hear that you are feeling better! Secretly I am thrilled because I know with each session I am brainwashing you even more! Manipulating your mind and making you see what I want you to see! With each “therapy” session making you better by making you worse! First it was panties, lingerie now on to stockings, nylons and soft smooth legs! Each session brainwashing you to a step closer to permanent feminization!

Whew! It has been a hot steamy day in south Florida! I am back from the beach and settling in for an evening online. I am available for calls and chat tonight!

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