Feminize Me Completely

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This hypnotic feminization recording ‘Feminize Me Completely’ is designed to install and strengthen your inner woman. The part of your subconscious mind that contains your identity as a woman. This identity comes from your beliefs and mindsets about what it means to be a woman. Understanding you understand how good it feels to be a feminine woman. Remembering your choice to express the qualities and nature of a woman because being a natural woman is expressed in the way you talk, the way you walk,  the way you express your feelings, your gestures, mannerisms and behavior.  And because you have used hypnosis your subconscious mind can and will do all this with ease. Filling your mind with feminine thoughts allowing you to feel feminine feelings and making it totally natural for you to express yourself with behaviors and now you are certain are you not when you are certain knowing in your heart this is who you are, who you have always been because you remember. Remember who you are, who you now know you have always been. Embrace your true nature in this recording. Enjoy Feminize Me Completely.


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