Feminize Yourself by Loltraps

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 You are feminine. You act like a girl. You think like a girl. You portray being a girl. A sisssy girl. It’s your destiny. You know you’ll never be happy as a boy. You need to feminize yourself. Become the girl of your dreams. Let a man take care of you. Dress up for your man. Dress sexily. Wear high heels. Accentuate your legs. Twirl around. Flirt with your man. Let him caress you. Let him desire you. You are a girl. Get on your knees, sissy. His cock is ready. You can’t wait to suck it. You are so horny. You are so aroused. You love cock. Suck it, sissy. Taste it. Desire it. Suck it until it shoots. You know it will. You are suck a good cocksucker. You can’t wait to taste his sperm. It’s coming, sissy. You know it’s coming. Swallow it all. It’s your prize. Enjoy Feminize Yourself by Loltraps.


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