Femme Pretty Girl Goddess Natasha

Feminization is very exciting to Me especially knowing how emasculating it is! What could more humiliating and emasculating than transforming you into a femme pretty girl?

~NEW~ Pretty Girl for Goddess 

I know that you want to be a good girl for Goddess but I also want you to be My pretty girl! It is so exciting and powerful to slowly strip away your masculinity and feminize you! However as I feminize you and you start feeling much more femme than masculine is when I REALLY start on your transformation! Soft, silky panties, sheer pantyhose and nighties I know that you are ready for more! A salon/spa day where you have a manicure and pedicure with your hands softened and feminine. Sharply arched eyebrows and cosmetics applied you crave even more femininity. All of these things feel so good! I know you WANT to feel pretty and you will be feeling pretty more and more! BUT it is deeply emotional as you feel more feminine, transformed into Goddess pretty girl, knowing that your life will never be the same! Featuring femme pretty girl, feminization, good girl, Female domination

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Good Girl Femme Pretty Girl for Goddess

Good Girl 

I know how much you want to be a good girl! To please Me and to follow all My commands. Becoming more feminine. Feeling more feminine. Listen closely as I whisper how you can be a good girl. How you WILL be a good girl! Whispering seductively My voice flows through your mind as My words resonate. Good girl!Best listened to with headphones. Featuring ASMR, good girl, erotic hypnosis, femme pretty girl, feminization, Female domination

ASMR Panty Programming 

Whispering seductively and softly I encourage the erotic feelings that you have when you wear panties. Nothing feels so good as slipping into a pair of panties. Immediately you become feminine and your excitement builds. It feels so good to be in panties; you need to wear panties. You don’t feel complete without a pair of panties. You belong in panties! It is the most natural thing in the world for you to wear panties! Soon it will be automatic as each day you reach for a pair of panties as you dress for the day. That’s right. Slip them on.Good girls wear panties. Good girls wear panties every day…all day! And you want to be a good girl, don’t you? As with all My ASMR recordings it is best listened to with head phones.

Good Girls Suck 

Listen to My seductive voice whisper in your ear. Good girls suck. I know you want to be a good girl. So suck. Suck like a good girl. Be a good girl for Goddess. Good girls swallow. Be a good girl and swallow. Good girls suck and swallow. Be a good girl. Playing over and over in your mind you WILL be a good girl. You WILL suck. You WILL swallow. Best listened to with headphones.

ASMR Whisper ~ Sissification 

There is no resisting My seductive voice or My suggestions as I whisper what is happening to you. As you go deeper the feelings of femininity and sissification get stronger and stronger. Repeating after Me these mantras, suggestions and feelings will only intensify. Whispering I reinforce the feelings you have as you wear panties, slip into stockings and become more and more of a sissy. Every time you listen, every time you hear My voice and yes every time you wear a feminine clothing you are transformed into even more of a sissy! Best listened to with head phones.

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