Forced Feminization Hourglass Figure – Worship Natasha

My new exciting recording once again features Dr Jennifer and I! Planning your forced feminization hourglass figure transformation and enjoying molding you so that you have that feminine hourglass figure!

~NEW~ Forced Feminization Hourglass Figure 

With My guidance and Dr Jennifers help you WILL be on your way to a feminine hourglass figure! This IS one of My goals for you! It always has been! Besides a computer generated pattern to follow Dr Jennifer and I can mold and change you as I desire! After all, hormone therapy and testosterone blockers can only do so much! Experimenting with breast sizes, how wide your hips should be and more! With her skill and My vision your transformation and molding into a feminine voluptuous hourglass figure WILL be irreversible and permanent! With the body design that She and I have developed for you there will be not turning back. No return to masculinity and no way to hide what you have become! Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, hormone therapy, emasculation, emotional emasculation, breast augmentation, transformation


Feminization Brainwashing Therapy 

My you look so lovely and feminine! From the cosmetics to high heels you look wonderful. The therapy sessions have gone so well and you are making progress! Unfortunately what you don’t know is that I am manipulating your mind and programming you to BE feminine. I am making sure that your subconscious understands that dressing in feminine clothing is completely normal and what it best for you! Imprinting in your mind that you WILL stop fighting doubts about your femininity and make you crave it even more! Hypnotizing you and making you crave and become even more addicted to the panties, stockings and feeling feminine! I am going to make you believe that this is all perfectly normal and that it IS what is best for you!

My Emasculated Sissy Husband 

The day has come. I sit you down and tell you what a disappointment our marriage has been. What a failure you have been as not only a man but a husband. There have been far too many instances of wearing female clothing. I have seen all the things you look at on the internet as well as the videos that you have downloaded. In the bedroom you are far from satisfactory! I know your performance is never going to change and one reason is your size! It’s time to face the facts. The fact is that you are a sissy. Not a man and from now on that is exactly how you will act and dress. Come upstairs so I can show you your new wardrobe. I am sure the first thing you will notice is that ALL of your male clothing is gone! But that is just the beginning! Oh, you didn’t think you were going to have any choice, did you? Featuring emasculation, sissy humiliation, cuckolding, chastity, feminization, SPH , forced feminization

Forced Sissy your new uncomfortable Life! 

Come and kneel in front of Me and let Me tell you all about your new uncomfortable life! Everything is about to change! Tight, restrictive garments, chastity device, high heels and heel locks are just a few ways that I will be making you uncomfortable…making you suffer! Working hours each day on your feet, your feet that are locked into high heels…oh, did I mention a tack inside? Maybe a few pebbles? THIS is only the beginning!

Sissy Husband Locked in Chastity for another Month! 

In this custom video, you are My husband forced into being My personal domestic sissy maid cuckold. Just imagine your new life as My sissy husband, kept in chastity while I of course seek other pleasures! I only allow you to cum once a month…maybe. BUT this month I make a deal with you. You skip your monthly orgasm and I let you see My panties. This is a cruel and teasing video in which I humiliate and frustrate you! Featuring panty peek, chastity, femdom, femme, sissy, cuckold, panty fetish, humiliation, tease and denial, cuck, cuckold, pantyhose, feminization

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