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I am up early with a lot of plans for the day! First a swim in the pool and enjoy a bit of sun before the storms move in. Then continue to catch up on correspondence which got way out of control while I was in Michigan. This afternoon I will be recording a few new videos that I have ideas for! My phone and chat lines will be on throughout the day into the early evening!

One of the things I particularly enjoy are scenarios that focus on forced femme forced bi! These two recording would be so erotic to implement!

~NEW~ Forced Femme Forced Bi Natural Porn Star

The director says cut and wrap! I see the look of relief on your face! Watching you I witness your humiliation as you cannot face any of the males that you just serviced! Even more humiliating the Women who have just watched you suck and get fucked are telling you that you are a “natural” for the camera! I have trained you so well and you don’t move because I have not given you permission! I walk over carrying a sheaf of papers. I laugh at your eagerness to be dismissed as I begin explaining that was just the FIRST video! We are going to be filming all day! Don’t tell Me you thought you were done! Companies rent sets for the day! I have a whole list of videos that are going to be shot! Don’t worry, you don’t have any lines ~ your mouth will be full of cock most of the time! Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, forced bi, forced cock sucking, bukkake, gang bang, humiliation, emasculation

As always I appreciate your continued patronage! I truly enjoy every call, chat and creating new recordings! When you take a moment to leave feedback it keeps Me motivated to create even more!

Have a great Tuesday!


Goddess Natasha

Don’t miss the first part of Forced Femme Forced Bi featuring you!

Forced Femme ~ Forced Bi ~ Porn Star 

I know that you were thrilled to be taken along to a porn set for the shoot today! I told you that you would be the boy Friday, running errands and assisting. After just a few minutes I come up to you and tell you that we have a problem! The girl that was going to be the star of the shoot isn’t coming. Of course I am a problem solver and I have decided that YOU are going to take her place! After you stammer and fidget, I tell you that I am not ASKING you, I am telling you! So it is off to hair, make-up and getting fitting into your costume for your debut as a porn star! With make-up done you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror! The blonde wig, costume and stilettos are added and soon it is time for you to take your place on set! Of course, the secret is that there never was a girl that didn’t show up! It was always going to be you! Featuring Femdom, forced feminization, forced bi, cocksucking

~~~~ What pushes YOUR buttons? ~~~~


As you know I have been feminizing and training sissys for many years! It is something I NEVER get bored with as each sissy is different and I have individual visions for each one!

Making you my wife

My ultimate desire transforming you into My wife! These are just a few of My plans on The Journey and Details in Making you My “wife”

Lifestyle Femdom

It is exciting to indoctrinate a male like you into the Lifestyle! What I want and what I desire as I begin changing your focus! Do you know the secret to domination? It’s making you want what I want! As you know I am a Lifestyle Mistress as well as on online Dominatrix. My real life training for personal slaves is very intense and requires dedication and giving up control over various parts of your life. It requires not only time but being held accountable. Certainly My Lifestyle Personal Servitude is NOT for everyone!


I am a Lifestyle FLR Cuckoldress and belong to the Goddess Manor which is a private group that holds meetings and extremely erotic BBC parties where the white Women are serviced by bulls and Our white male cucks perform a variety of other duties…none of which include having sex with Us!

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