Go All The Way Tonight by RagingDave

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Remove your male clothes and take a bubble bath to get in the mood. Put on a pretty bra nad sexy panties. Some silk stockings and high heels. Or maybe a cute schoolgirl outfit. Put on a lot of lipstick. Apply mascara and blush and get all dolled up. Take a breath and prepare to present yourself to a man. Go all the way tonight. No regrets. Just Love. Dance for him. Show off your ass and your gurlie titties. Be sure to tease him. Now it’s time to truly test your commitment. Kiss him with passion. He makes you weak in the knees. Sit on his lap to get him hard. Don’t ever look back. Let him see your gurly breasts. Enjoy his scent and muscles. Touch his dick through his pants. This is real. Take a chance. Reach into his pants and grab hold of it. Don’t ever look back. Time to commit to your new life and take out his Cock. Lick the shaft and his balls. Get it wet with your spit. Throat him down to his balls. You can’t believe you’re doing it. Go all the way tonight. No regrets. Just love. Enjoy Go all the way tonight by RagingDave.


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