I Am A Woman by Trasimene

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I accept I am a woman. Breathe in. Breathe out. Women are so beautiful. Soft hair. Feminine bodies. Wet lips. And women are so hypnotic in the way they move. So entransing. Breathe in and breathe out. Girls love attention to. Being lusted after. Pursued. Imagine the idea that men want to touch you, caress you, fuck you. And of course this is true because we all need attention. Even you. You want to be wanted and it’s perfectly natural. Breathe in. Breathe out. Now imagine you were a woman. How much attention would you get. Probably a lot. Men would be lost in their desire for you. It would be hard not to give into your own desire. It’s different to being a man. Constantly being able to be fucked at a moments notice. All those guys lining up to shove their beautiful cocks in you. All you have to do is say yes. If you were a woman and you wanted to, you could be a total slut. I am sure it’s not the first time you have thought about it. Admit it. Would you be a demure girl, or a complete whore. Who are we kidding, you’d be the whore wouldn’t you? That’s right, you’d sink into the role so far you wouldn’t know if it was a role or who you really are. Now that’s an interesting thought. Breathe in. Breathe out. Enjoy I Am A Woman by Trasimene.


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