Kimber Haven’s Guide To Becoming A Real Sissy

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Follow these steps to become a fuck toy. Step 1: Start hormones to grow perky bitch tits. Step 2: Dress like a sissy fairy. After all, you need to wear a bra now anyways. Take selfies and send them to men online. Step 3: Get your nails done as faggoty as possible. Step 4: Get pierced. Ears, nose and tongue for starters. Step 5: Smoke like a whore. If you don’t smoke… start. Smoking tells guys you’re a trashy slut. Develop at least a pack a day habit. You should be spending your money on… lipgloss and cigarettes, faggot. Now that you’re a hormone taking chain smoking queer… Let’s move on… Step 6: Get branded. All faggots should have a tramp stamp. It’s a sign of faggot pride. Step 7: Get a tit job at least DD’s. Take selfies of your new fake tits… Show them off to men online. Men will want to fuck your new tits and you will let them sissy. Step 8: Lip injections. You will need big dick sucking lips. Now get used to using your new lips by sucking cock, faggot. This is what your punk lips are for now. Sucking Dick! Always swallow! A man’s cum is now your favorite treat! You crave it! Step 9: Your ass isn ow a pussy. You are no longer a man… You’re just another bitch! Your ass is now a sloppy wet pussy… Step 10: Career change. Now that you have turned yourself into a shemale sissy cockwhore… no “normal” job will hire you. But the good news is you have a bunch of new career options that will be perfect for a shemale sissy fag like you… Stripper… Porn… Cam Whore… Hooker… Enjoy your new life sissy. Enjoy Kimber Haven’s Guide To Becoming A Real Sissy.


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