Lifestyle Female domination video recordings

My most popular video this week is a Lifestyle Female domination video recording that focuses on surrender and sacrifice. Some of My most intense Lifestyle Femdom video and audios can be viewed here.

This weeks most popular audio is a sissification file in which I detail 10 ways to be a good sissy!

Appearing on the Niteflirt marque this week was Be My Bitch Strapon Training and Mind Control Only Goddess. If you have not downloaded them I have listed them below.

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! Today is the move from the hotel to a temporary apartment while construction takes place on My condo. Hopefully it will only be 3-4 weeks! So today My phone and chat lines will be on/off throughout the day!

Appearing on Marque

Be My bitch ~ Strapon Training 

Strapon training and making you My bitch is one of the most empowering and erotic ways for Me to dominate you! Not only dominating you but also reinforcing your submission and taking you as My bitch! It is so empowering to bend you over and force you to submit to My cock! Feeling My thighs as I press deeply inside you. Stopping. Feel My cock inside you. Pinned and under My control! Having you cock trained as I like to call it as I further emasculate you when you begin imagining taking a REAL cock for Me! Whether it is slow and sensuous, a fast pounding or sitting as My cock juts between My legs and forcing you to ride it, you will submit to it all! Featuring Femdom, strapon, strapon training, forced strapon, bitch training, forced strapon

 Mind Control ~ Only Goddess 

There IS only Goddess! My voice is so seductive and you are so enthralled with it! Unable to resist My voice, My commands and all that I imprint in your subconscious. With every word your mind is emptying and all that matters are My voice; all that matters are My words. Finally you are where you belong! Meeting your destiny at My hands. Devoting yourself to Me. unable to resist My voice, unable to resist My commands as you go deeper and deeper; growing weaker and weaker. Deepening your devotion. I am what you have always wanted, I am what you have always needed, I am what you have always craved. Craving My dominance, craving My control as your thoughts are erased; as your mind becomes blank. There is only Goddesses long red nails. There is only Goddesses red lipstick. There is ONLY Goddesses voice! There IS only Goddess. Featuring Femdom, Femdom hypnosis, mind control, reprogramming

Most Popular Video

What would you sacrifice? 

Lifestyle Female domination video recording

This Lifestyle Female domination video asks the question What would you sacrifice? That is My question for you. What are you willing to sacrifice to be My slave? Giving up your home, maybe even your career. Certainly, you will be giving up your free will and all material possessions. Owning nothing. Being owned. Your sole focus on serving Me, your Owner. Featuring Femdom, Lifestyle Female domination video recording

Most Popular Audio

What makes a Good Sissy 

What makes a good sissy? More importantly what makes a goody sissy for Me? This recording gives you ten of the ways you can be a good sissy and please Me. By now you surely know some of them such as cock worship, anal training and humiliation! This is the start of being a good sissy for Me!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Cock Craving Sissy Slut 

By now you know how much I want to transform you! Step by step stripping away your masculinity and feminizing you. As your sissification continues and I train you with My cock I am going to ensure that you begin craving REAL cock. That you WANT to serve not only Me by being a sissy slut but serving alpha male cock! It is all a part of your sissification and emasculation! Recognizing and accepting your destiny and your fate! Realizing that you ARE sexually inferior and you belong on your knees with a cock in your mouth! Orchestrating your emasculation and transformation and enjoying the effects on you mentally, emotionally and psychologically! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, sissification, sissy training, sissy slut, cock sucking

~NEW~ Feminization ~ Sissy Task 

What sissy doesn’t need instructions and guidance? I know you want to please Me and obey Me! Becoming more and more femme and craving it! Be a good girl and do exactly as I tell you! I will guide you and tell you EXACTLY what I want to see! Of course I want to see screen shots and particularly photos of your completed task! Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissification, sissy shopping, lingerie

~NEW~ BBC Fuck slave 

I have been training you with one goal in mind! Unbeknownst to you I am creating a submissive white fuck slave for BBC. Every time I use My strapon on you and make you submit to My cock I am training you to be a sex slave for big black cock. When you have seen that secretive smile on My face when I throat train you or fuck you, I am thinking about you taking big black cock. The day comes when I lead you by collar and leash to meet master and introduce you to his thick black dick. I already know that you will be kept on your knees for hours, penetrated and filled until you think you can’t take anymore! Being fucked, used, humiliated and being forced to take black cock whenever and however! Featuring Femdom, BBC, submissive, white fuck slave, monster cock, fucked by BBC, cock sucking, deep throat, throat training

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