Like A Girl by Xeriom

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You were born different sissy. You never wanted to be a boy. You knew from such a young age, didn’t you. Well now is the time to let your inner girl out. It’s a new era. The world will embrace your femininity. The world will embrace you sissy. If you want to be a girl, you can. There’s no stigma surrounding wanting to become a girl. It’s allowed. If you want to suck cock. That’s allowed too. If you want to be fucked really hard in your boi pussy, yes that’s allowed also. So, come out of the closet, sissy. It’s not like anyone doesn’t know. Everyone knows. Girls know. Your friends know. Your family knows. Embrace it. Become the girl you were meant to be. Stop procrastinating. Stop wasting time. Start hormone therapy. Grow your hair out. Start dressing more feminine. Find yourself a man to take care of you. Find yourself a man with a nice big hard cock that you can worship. Enjoy Like A Girl by Xeriom.


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