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I hope that you enjoyed your weekend! It is cloudy, breezy but HOT here in south Florida. I am back from the beach but I am sure I will be in the pool later!

As you know I am all about control! What could be more exciting than manipulating and controlling your sexuality?? My Making you Gay conditioning files are intense and filled with manipulating you AND your sexuality! I find emasculation exciting and erotic! A particular favorite form of emasculation is the concept of manipulating your sexual desires and making you gay! Encouraging more and more gay behavior from porn, where you go and what you do!

~NEW~ Making you Gay Task 3 

It is time to begin your reprogramming and make you crave cock and lust after men! It is time to condition you for cock and ONLY cock! Get comfortable, listen to My voice encouraging your desires, encouraging your gay tendencies and reprogramming you to be gay! Reprogramming you to hunger for cock and to be filled and fulfilled by cock! Featuring Femdom, brainwashing, femdom hypnosis, making you gay, craving cock, gay reinforcement, gay conditioning, pussy free, cock conditioning

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Goddess Natasha

Making you Gay Conditioning

Fantasy to Reality for Sissy Faggot 

So you have often fantasized about placing an online ad. Of course I want to encourage this! So with some suggestive persuasion I tell you how arousing this is to you. How erotic it is! You NEED to place an online ad describing yourself as a gay sissy slut looking for sex with men. Yes, you NEED to respond to these ads. Yes, you NEED to answer the phone calls. You NEED to book a hotel room for sex. You NEED to answer the door when these men knock and you need to let them inside…inside the hotel room and inside your sissy faggot mouth and sissy faggot asspussy. It’s time to make this a reality rather than just a fantasy!

Making you Gay Task 1 

As you know I am all about the control! The more control, the more exciting and empowering it is for Me! What could be more powerful than changing your sexual desires? What could be more powerful than changing your sexual identity? Reprogramming you and erasing any question that you are gay! It is so powerful and exciting for Me to start manipulating your sexuality. This first task is designed to take the first step to making you gay! PS This is NOT a you are going to watch gay porn for me file! Featuring making you gay, gay task, sexual reprogramming, gay conditioning

Making you Gay Task 2 

It’s time for My second task in making you gay! Manipulating and changing your sexuality is so exciting and powerful! Knowing that with each step and each task I am changing your life and your sexual identity ~ making you gay! With this second task your life is going to change drastically! Featuring Femdom, making you gay, making you gay task, sexuality manipulation, sexual transformation, gay conditioning

Of course you are gay! 

Time and again you ask yourself the question. Am I gay? Well you lust after men and think about cock constantly. Fantasizing about sucking cock and being used. Fantasizing about swallowing load after load. Wanting to be face fucked and throat trained. Searching for gay porn and watching video after video of cock sucking and being fucked. Imagining yourself in their position!! On your knees, on your back you crave the taste and feel of cock and cum! Stop trying to excuse it by saying you are bi or bi curious! It is time to stop questioning it and yourself ~ face it, you ARE gay! Featuring elements of Femdom, making you gay, cock sucking, gang bang

Forever a Faggot 

From the very first time you got on your knees and took a cock in your mouth you became a faggot! After that first cock there was no going back and there was no denying it. As much as you might wish differently you ARE a faggot! Go ahead and say it out loud “I am a faggot” See how easy that was? Once a faggot, always a faggot! Featuring humiliation, Femdom, verbal humiliation, name calling, faggot humiliation

It’s GOOD to be Gay! 

Over and over you tell yourself you are not gay. However that straight pornography is not what arouses you! That vanilla pornography is not what you watch anymore! Not what makes you hard and what you constantly stroke to is gay porn! All that cock makes you instantly hard and your hand automatically starts pumping when you start watching it. It’s been so confusing but like I always say ~ It’s GOOD to be gay! Featuring Femdom, making you gay, gay reinforcement, making you gay conditioning

Making you gay ~ Faggot Bitch 

With a brief induction and countdown this is a journey of humiliation and transition into being a faggot. As I speak convincing you that you would be better off living a gay lifestyle. It seems the most natural thing in the world! After all, you are NOT a real man. The fact is you never were! The small penis that you have ensured your sexual inadequacy and you have never been able to please a Woman! But you CAN please a man! Cocksucking and being used for a man’s sexual pleasure. Being face fucked and cock slapped will be things that you not only desire but crave as you become a faggot! Becoming a faggot bitch ~ you ARE a faggot bitch! Featuring Femdom, forced bi, verbal humiliation, mind control, making you gay conditioning, hypnosis, faggot humiliation, SPH

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