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My most popular video this week was a fetish recording featuring tight jeans, heels and a sexy thong! This weeks most popular audio was part of My Niteflirt goodies series on My dream of The slave Farm.

Also Master’s cock sucker was on the Niteflirt marque for most of the week as well as Feminized to be Fucked!

If you missed any of this weeks Niteflirt goodies  SPOTLIGHT files you can VIEW THEM HERE.

I hope that you are keeping safe and healthy as well as keeping busy, finding things to do! Since I have a private beach available I am still able to take a long walk each morning. Of course I ALWAYS have ideas swirling for new Niteflirt goodies recordings and projects so that is keeping Me busy!

My phone and chat lines will be on per My regular schedule today.

Appearing on Marque

Master’s Cock Sucker 

It is something you have only imagined but have found yourself manipulated. Manipulated and controlled into being a cock sucker. Sucking cock as your master commands you! Servicing his cock as you are fed every inch of his cock! All he has to do is text you and you’re on your knees, ready to serve him, ready to suck him for as long as he wants, ready to take as many loads as he wants to give you. From now on your mouth belongs to him. From now on you have to pleasure him whenever he wants. Deep throating that cock. Being face fucked. Draining him dry!

Most Popular Video

Tight Jeans High Heels 

I have a fetish for tight denim jeans as well as high heels! So pairing these together seems perfectly natural! In this video I exit the car returning from a shopping trip. Opening the truck I bend over to get the bags in the trunk and there are close ups of My ass in tight jeans. The camera follows Me up the stairway and into the condo. Once there I slip My leather pumps off and then slowly slide My jeans down so you get a perfect view of My. Bending over you get an up close view of My lace thong panties. Just one of My Niteflirt goodies featuring panties

Most Popular Audio

The slave Farm New World Order 

The New World order is emerging. Slowly but surely as the Women of the world use their power to enslave and control males. I envision slave farms throughout the world as males are gathered to take their place as property, as chattel. Being collared and marked are just the first steps!

Recent Releases

~NEW~ HOT School Girl Transformation 

It was so quick! In the blink of an eye you now inhabit a young teenage girls body. Running your hands over your tight toned body you feel so sexy! So THIS is what is like! As you look in the mirror you feel those teenage gir lhormones coursing through your body! Running your hands over your pert breasts. Firm tight ass with perfectly rounded cheeks peeking out from a short plaid skirt! Wearing a white blouse that is too tight and unbuttoned so that your cleavage is on full display! Damn you are HOT! Strutting off to school you wind up in detention for getting caught taking naked selfies! Sitting on the desk at the front you cross and uncross your legs giving the male teacher a panty peek! His imagination is running wild because he knows why you are in detention. This is EASY! Seeing the lust in his eyes, his red face and he can’t hide his erection. This is just the beginning of corrupting men as you realize who has all the power….who is in control! Featuring transformation, corrupting males, feminine power, seducing men

~NEW~ EXTREME and Mean ~ SPH 

Face it! No Woman wants you or wants to have sex with you after finding out just how small you are! If you are fortunate enough, you get a date. Maybe even a second date. Perhaps you even SOMEHOW convince a Woman to have sex with you! BOOM! Performance anxiety and you already KNOW that she is going to be disappointed! There is nothing there to impress her or want her to go any further! Time to face the facts that you are sexually inadequate and always will be! A life of chronic masturbation, porn and the two finger tug! Do I really need to say more? Featuring Femdom, sph, verbal humiliation, sexual inferiority, sexual inadequacy, emasculation, chronic masturbator

~NEW~ Best Friend Blow Job 

There was that one friend of yours that you had a secret crush on! For years you have lusted after him, lusted after his cock and fantasized about sucking him off! So hot to think of corrupting him. The day finally comes when he decides to take you up on giving him a blowjob! Even better you are going to be the first for him! As you kneel you are shaking with anticipation of wrapping your lips around his cock! So taboo as in the back of your mind that you are corrupting him and he will always remember that his first time getting blown was by another guy! His best friend! Featuring sexual experimentation, cock sucking, bi, bisexual, cock worship, cum swallowing

~NEW~ Sissy Dreams 

What every sissy dreams of! I know all about them and implement them for My sissies! Smooth skin freshly shaven to panties and stockings feel so good slipping into. Feminine features and lovely, sexy lingerie as your wardrobe grows! Locked in chastity, plugged and in service and servitude! Breasts! Yes, breasts so that there is no hiding who and what you really are! Exposed and made famous as your sissification becomes permanent and undeniable which is exactly what I want!

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