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I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! It has been gorgeous here in south Florida so I have been to the beach yesterday afternoon and early this morning for a walk. For the rest of the evening I will be online taking calls, available for chat and will be engaging in exposure!

I also made available My extreme Future of My cuckold four part series which featuring complete emasculation and becoming a eunuch the ultimate servant! This is an extreme set of videos! If you missed it you CAN PREVIEW THEM HERE!

Appearing on the marque this week was one of My favorite Femdom videos called Collared Marked and Branded. My most popular video this week was a fetish panty peek recording that is very revealing! This weeks most popular audio was a tie between Recipe for a Bimbo Slut and Reinforcing your Sissy Addictions.

Appearing on Marque

Collared Marked and Branded 

As My slave I have explained many things that your position will entail. Chastity, servitude, complete obedience and of course you know that you will be permanently collared. BUT not only will you be collared but you will also be marked. Marked with My red and black personalized logo. To further reinforce My ownership, you will be branded. Oh, a tattoo might be able to be removed…but a brand? Well, bearing My brand will show the world that you belong to Me….forever.

Most Popular Video


I know that you are always trying to look up My skirt! Trying to see what panties I have on! So forbidden and so erotic! In this video I have on the sheerest of sheer panties which are soooo revealing! Nothing is left to the imagination as I let you gaze at My panties and EVERYTHING is revealed! The camera zooms in for an even more intimate view! There are also back views of Me standing and kneeling so you can see My gorgeous ass! PS I don’t do these type of revealing and intimate videos often!

Most Popular Audio

Recipe for a Bimbo Slut 

Oh I know all about you..the desire to be a bimbo. you look at the photos and watch the videos thinking “I want to be her!” Big tits, full plump lips sucking on those cocks! I know just the recipe for a bimbo slut!

Reinforcing ALL your Sissy Addictions 

This recording is designed to further reinforce those sissy wants and needs to panties, stockings and yes, exposure! All you have to do is listen to My voice as you begin feeling so relaxed and so feminine. It is so exciting to to think about being dressed. All day. Every day. Deep inside you ARE a sissy crossdresser. No more fighting it. It is time to embrace it. Those panties feel so good and you want this. Need this. Time to be exposed. Permanently. For the world to know that you wear panties and stockings! That you get so excited and so aroused when the panties touch you! Such an attention whore! All that attention just reinforces what a sissy you are! It is not only what you want, crave and need but what I want! I want you in panties and stockings! I want to know that you are wearing them every day! I want to know that every morning you are slipping into panties. It is how a sissy starts her day! I want you to revel in those feelings of femininity as I imagine you all day long in panties and stockings! Photos everywhere on the internet as more and more people see them! Download them! Featuring sissy reinforcement, panty reinforcement, sissy exposure, Permanent Feminization Sissification

Recent Releases

~NEW~ Feminized Craving Exposure 

It is so exciting! I know that you are aroused every time you put on your panties and slip into your stockings. Each piece of feminine clothing that you put on increases your arousal. Each step increases the excitement of being feminine. It is such a relief to put on the clothing that reflects who you truly are! Even the anticipation and planning of what you are going to put on excites you! When you are going to be able to be feminine once again! I want you to savor and experience every moment starting with taking a bath, shaving, lotioning and completely feminized! It is a natural progression to WANT everyone to see you! Naturally and eventually you will want for everyone to see you feminized and dressed up! This desire to be exposed keeps growing and growing! It is so exciting to think about…so terrifying knowing that your photos and information could be seen by so many people that know you! I WANT this desire to grow and grow! So that it becomes a deep craving that you cannot stop thinking about! One day you will give in to this craving and you WILL be exposed! Featuring Femdom, feminization, Permanent Feminization Sissification

~NEW~ Everlasting Feminization 

My plan for you is not only sissification but permanent and everlasting feminization! This is one of the reasons that I emphasize hormone therapy AND testosterone blockers! The other things I plan such as corset training, hair removal and permanent make up are just more steps in making sure your feminization is undeniable and noticeable! Monthly manicures and pedicures as well as arched feminine eyebrows will make it apparent of your femininity! When someone looks at you I want it to be apparent that you are NOT a male! The transformation that I have planned for you to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind of exactly what you are! This transformation and emasculation will not only be physical but also psychological and emotional. Featuring Femdom, feminization, sissification, permanent feminization, emasculation, Permanent Feminization Sissification

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