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I hope that you enjoyed your weekend! I am in the midst of moving and getting ready for company then a trip early January to Michigan! It is going to be a busy couple of weeks!

Today I will be online and taking calls until 3PM. Then I will be finishing up My Christmas shopping however I will be online this evening!

As you know as part of My Lifestyle I thoroughly enjoy feminization. Planning it each step, pushing you further and further. It is even more exciting when there is resistance and I employ methods to force you into a life of feminization!

~NEW~ Forced Feminization 

It is so exciting being trained by Me and being My slave! I have made it clear that you must follow all of My commands and directions! However there has been some resistance! But I know exactly how to deal with that! So every morning you take your “vitamins” that I set out for you! After all you want to be a healthy slave for Goddess! Over time you see yourself changing. At first these changes are very subtle. Often you wonder why I want to take photos and videos of you! I have started commenting saying things like things seem to be shrinking between your legs My dear! It seems your clothing is not fitting quite right! Let’s face it, your ass has changed quite a bit! Trousers won’t fasten and your shirts won’t button in the front! One morning when you wake up I sit you down and inform you WHY you are seeing these changes! Every morning you have been taking hormones and a testosterone blocker! All of these changes including the shrinking, yes your penis has shrunk noticeably are due to the hormones and blocker! As I cup your balls I show you just how tiny they have become! I certainly took care of that chronic masturbation, haven’t I? Yes, every morning you have been taking a full range of hormones and a testosterone blocker! As I lead you into the bedroom and begin explaining your new life of feminization, you realize your life is going to be very different from now on! Featuring forced feminization, hormone therapy, emasculation, forced femme, Femdom

Todays SPOTLIGHT Recording!

Forced Femme The REAL you! 

Goddess knows exactly what you need! My help is needed for your transformation, with My help your transformation will be permanent and irreversible. My goal is to take you so far that you CANNOT go back! Impossible to return after all the physical, mental, emotional changes and your masculinity erased. Destroyed. Reiterating that you would be much better off once you are completely emasculated and feminized. Forcing you into the realization that this is your role! After all, it is the REAL you!

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Goddess Natasha

Forced Feminization Permanent Transition 

What you THINK is just another counseling session turns out to be far more than you bargained for!! After arriving for your appointment I encourage you to relax. Soon you are secured to a chair, naked and alarmed especially because of the device between your legs securing your balls. With a smile on My face I explain you are here for a week of transitioning and will be feminized completely during the entire stay. Every day you will be made up completely and will be expected to keep your make up perfect as you transition into a submissive sissy! As you sit naked, restrained and vulnerable I explain that I know ALL about your secret desire to be completely feminized as well as the websites you visit and your fascination with gay and shemale porn from your confessions during counseling. The fact is you have never been able to take these steps yourself. As often of you think about it you have never had the courage to be the sissy that you are! So I am taking matters into My own hands and with this transition there will be no return! So it begins ~ a permanent, emasculating transition!

Forced Femme Point of No Return 

One of My goals is to bring you so far into feminization that you pass the point of no return. No return to masculinity or trying to pretend that you are a real man. Accomplishing this IS My goal so that you can longer cling to that hope that you can hide. So that you KNOW that you are now presenting to the world what you really are! These psychological and physical will be irreversible and permanent and push you to the point of no return. I have talked about My plans for you and how you will be transformed emotionally, mentally and physically. Hormone therapy, testosterone blockers with strong doses at the beginning so that the impact is almost immediate! The changes that I have planned will FORCE you to admit what you are and where you belong! FORCING you to live a life of feminization!

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