Serve Black Master – Worship Natasha

I hope you enjoy My new recording Sissy serves a Black Master! It is something I have arranged for My sissys and is so exciting AND emasculating!

~NEW~ Sissy Serves a Black Master 

There is Female domination. Then there is male domination. THEN there is serving a BLACK master. Serving a black master is a completely different experience. Not only will you be used but black masters are particularly excited by the humiliation of a sissy! Cock slapping across your face as the precum sticks to your face. Cock comparison where black cock superiority is reiterated. Face fucking you. Throat training you. Humiliating you as they rip your panties off and take what they want! Black masters fuck so differently! They are PRIMAL! Not only used by them but also by their friends! Black masters love to break in sissys like you AND let their friends use your sissy mouth and bend you over to use you as the sissy bitch you are! One of the most emasculating things to see is a sissy pounded by BBC and milked with each stroke! Featuring sissification, sissy humiliation, emasculation, BBC, sissy cock sucker, BBC milking

Emasculation of BBC

By now you know how much I enjoy reinforcing your craving for cock especially Black Master BBC ! Combining it with humiliation and degradation is especially erotic to Me!

Small Cock Extinction 

One of My goals is the extinction of small cocks! Many of My fellow Female Dominants also believe that this is a worthy goal and support the endeavors of a movement to rid the world of small cocks! In actuality it is Women all over the world and NOT just Femdommes or Female Supremacists! Women world wide are making their desires known! NO MORE small cocks! Features elements of SPH, BBC, breeding, small cock elimination, big cock, emasculation, black master, humiliation

Faggot for BBC 

Maybe you have never considered yourself a faggot. But the way you feel about big black defines a faggot! I know how you crave the feel, the taste and the use and abuse of BBC. The anticipation, the heart pounding, and palm sweating as you wait for the sight of that hard cock. Knowing that you WILL be used with no regard for you or your needs. It is just about that big black cock and how you can service it. Go ahead and say it out loud. I am a faggot for BBC!

Destroyed by BBC 

The humiliation and degradation of making you submit to BBC is so erotic to Me! This act of complete emasculation that I arrange and control will please Me. Being used and yes even abused by BBC will become a regular part of your servitude and surrender. There will be the day when you see the monster BBC cock that will destroy you. And you will know that is exactly why I choose it. To completely destroy you and leave you broken and completely emasculated!

Sissy BBC Conditioning 

An important part of accepting your place as a sissy is acknowledging your place as a sexual sissy to be used by black alpha males. They are so powerful and masculine with their big black cocks especially compared to a sissy like you! I know you WANT to be a fuck doll for BBC! Dressing pretty and slutty giving up your mouth and sissy boi pussy for them to use! Listen to this again and again and become conditioned for BBC! Featuring sissy training, sissification, black owned sissy, brainwashed for BBC, sissy humiliation, verbal humiliation

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