Sexual Reprogramming by DiamondChastity

 By now you I assume you have already swallowed your own cum. If you haven’t, you need to go back and watch Cock Hero – Shemale Starlets 8 – Sissy Cum Swallow Edition. You are a faggot. You might not accept it, but you are. No straight guys watch sissy hypnsosis. NONE. So, don’t kid yourself, you are a faggot. Get it… FAGGOT! Now that’s been proven what are you going to do about your new found status? Well, I think you should become a sissy faggot. Why? Because sissy faggots have all the fun… Don’t believe me? Just look at all the sissy faggots in shemale porn. They were once boys and now they are sissy faggots. Becoming a sissy faggot should be your first priority in life. Don’t deny it, faggot. You know it’s true. Don’t lie to yourself. You need to be a sissy faggot. Dressing up in slutty little outfits, putting on makeup and realising the dream is real. Yes, you WILL be a sissy faggot. You know its your destiny. Why are you so shy about your true nature, faggot? It is no longer taboo. You can be as flamboyant as you want to be now, sissy faggot. Nobody can deny your right to be a sissy faggot. It is totally acceptable for you to cross dress, wear make up, high heels and a cock cage. Did you know that it’s illegal for anyone to hurt your feelings these days? Which means this… You can be a sissy faggot and you will be embraced for your bravery. Nobody will laugh, it’s illegal. You know it, I know it. Everyone knows it. So, why are you denying your true nature? Be the sissy cock whore you know you truly are. NOW! Enjoy Sexual Reprogramming by DiamondChastity.

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