Sissies Love Older Men by Princess-Aries

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Your sexual preference has changed. You love older men. You love being controlled by an older alpha male. You love big daddies. You want to be fucked so hard by your sugar daddy. He’s going to pay for everything you need. He’s going to pay your rent. New titties. New nose. New lingerie. New heels. Getting fucked in a cheap motel is where you want to be. Servicing him all night long. You want the easy life as a sissy faggot whore. He’s going to fuck you so hard. He’s going to share you with his friends. You love it so much. This is all you want in your life. Daddy is going to take care of you. He’s going to pump his seed into your boi pussy. Creampied all day, every day. You are his property. You want to get fucked by him so badly. You want to suck his cock. Lick his balls. Be owned and controlled by him. That’s what you deserve. You can’t wait for it. Look online for daddies. Look for love in several wrong places. Dating sites. Grindr. Anywhere there are daddies waiting for a sissy slut like you. They are waiting to fuck you and you are willing to satisfy their need to release their load into your mouth and into your boi cunt. You get the easy life as a slave to your bear. This is your life. You know you want it. Make it happen. Slut. Enjoy Sissies Love Older Men by Princess-Aries.

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