Sissy April aka Thomas M Cozart

Sissy april begged and pleaded for Me to expose her AGAIN after taking this post down! Now it is back up in the hopes that aprils x-wife Pam sees it once again! Someone already contacted her and she read all about april!

Also you can view aprils blog for more of her exposure, personal information and photos!

sissy april is so addicted to the thrill of being exposed!

This Sissy craves to be publicly exposed in panties and nylons

Thomas M Cozart Sissy april

Forever and permanently exposed!

So it looks like sissy april’s x-wife Pam has been informed of what a cross dressing panty wearing sissy she was married to! Now she knows that thomas never really existed! She was sent this blog post, saw aprils photos and read all aprils sissy confessionals!

Here are just a few more of aprils sissy confessionals!

sissy april no longer thinks about actual sex with a Woman! But why would she???

april can only get aroused by her exposure, other sissys and of course cock!

sissy april is also a victim of Sissy Shrinkage

Help Me expose april to the rest of the world as the panty wearing sissy crossdresser she is! Share this blog post, her photos and personal information across the internet!

Then email april at and let her know she has been outed!

sissy april craves being exposed! april loves wearing her Mother’s panties! april gets so aroused and the panties get so wet! aprils Mother needs to know what her “son” really is!

Email aprils Mother at: ~ Send her this link to My blog so she learns about sissy april and where all her missing panties are!

Here is one of the emails sent to sissy april’s last boss telling him what a cock addicted cum whore she is!

Each day april becomes more and feminine! I am conditioning her with audio recordings to spend all her money on feminization including clothing and exposure! More stockings! More shoes! More sissification and permanent exposure!

This sissy can only orgasm to other crossdressers, she males and men gazing at their cocks.

AKA April Cozart needs more and more exposure ~ so addicted to the feeling of panties and nylons as she looks at her photos. SHE NEEDS TO BE CONSTANTLY EXPOSED! Permanently!

The world needs to know exactly what a sissy she really is including her  ex-boss!

Wouldn’t you like to be the one to out this sissy crossdresser to her old boss? april’s past boss’s email is




Please share and download so april totally loses control of these photos and info!

NOTHING else matters to this sissy except being cross dressed and being exposed! april is being conditioned to be exposed permanently and to only orgasm when in panties, stockings and looking at her exposure!

Email april at and let her know she has been outed


Better yet call april at 904-309-1471 and tell her exactly what you think of her!


SISSY CONFESSIONAL: I want men to rub their cocks on my stocking clad legs




SISSY CONFESSIONAL: I am addicted to wearing nylons and panties! I am addicted to crossdressing. I admit it! I am a sissy faggot!

SISSY EXPOSURE: Now this faggot is addicted to being exposed! The photos stay longer and longer. Which means more and more downloads!


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