Sissy Bimbo Trainer by WickedControl

So, you’re serious about becoming a sissy bimbo whore?

While your brain may be ready to transition, your body might not, looking like a 400lb bearded trucker with bad body odor isn’t really the look we see in our brains. And, you want alpha males to chase you like they do all the pretty girls. So, it’s important for you to get in shape. Because I know you want to look in the mirror and say “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard. I’d fuck me so hard.” The right diet, the right exercise, the right herbal remedies are all going to help you on your quest to become the next top sissy slut. So first things first, watch the Sissy Bimbo Trainer 101. Then read the article ‘Body Feminization Workouts for Trans-Women and Femmes‘ and set up an exercise regime and then read ‘Body Feminizing Workouts for Trans Women and Femmes (Part 2)‘. Do the regime, sissy. You need to also change your diet. Please implement the advice shared in ‘The Importance of a Healthy Diet‘ for sissies. These new vegetarian burgers could also help, having 18 million times more estrogen than meat patties. The effort you put in now will allow you to look so sexy, so glamourous, so desireable, such a good girl. Enjoy Sissy Bimbo Trainer by WickedControl.



You have started your exercise regime, getting fit for your new life as a sissy whore. It’s important for you to learn how make-up techniques that will allow you to look stunningly beautiful. Well, what are you waiting for, watch Sissy Bimbo Hypno 102 and 103. Then read through, understand and implement the techniques in ‘How to Feminize Your Face (MTF Transgender/Crossdressing Tips)‘ and ‘19 Insanely Useful Makeup Tips For Trans Women‘. Follow-up with learning what Archie has to say in his ‘Face Feminisation Makeup Tutorial‘. To help you with your transition you can take some supplements that will promote breast enlargement, smooth skin, healthier hair, and more. Check out ‘Herbs for Transitioning: Feminizing Herbs‘. You can buy herbal remedies on Amazon, check out – SOR Inc. on Amazon they have a package with breast enhancing pills and cream, testosterone tamers, curve boosters and estrogen balancing liquid. Everything helps get you looking feminine as quickly as possible. But, if you are really desperate to get going you need hormones. By the way, disclaimer – don’t take supplements or hormones to become a girl if you are not serious about becoming a girl because other than surgery, it’s kind of permanent!



Congratulations on your journey towards becoming a sissy whore!


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