Sissy-Central – Offical Launch Date – Hypno-Siss Tube

It’s about that time the countdown has REALLY begun…. tick…tock… tick…tock
I have some sad news but it needs to happen…… will be going offline today 15th August 2018 at 6pm and returning 20th August 2018, at the same time 6pm.
Please, please do not think we have disappeared permanently, it’s just so we can do our final tweaks and launch OFFICIALLY…
I will be available to contact via my site… twitter… email… Skype etc as well as our twitter @sissycentral will still be up and running.  So can divert any Sissy-Central questions there.
Also note that our other sites and our tube sites: and  will still be available to view.
Hope to see more of you there, signing up (we will have memberships available from launch date) and using the site.  We have been amazed at the stats of the site so far so keep up the fab work.
With Love & Hate… (more love this time)

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