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Something a little different today. Sissy Dance Playlists. I know you love to listen to girly music so I’ve embedded a nice playlist of cute girly songs that I know you’re gonna love. You should listen to this during the day, put the playlist on your phone and listen to it when you are in the car, when you are doing chores, when you are working out. You go sissy girly girl…

Girly song playlist:

Because you are overdosing on girly, pink and fluffy tunes, it may excite you to start listening to some stripper songs so when you are ready and want to get down and dirty dance, here are some stripper tunes I know you’re gonna love.

Stripper song playlist:

Please suggest some sexy sissy, girly and stripper songs that other sissies visiting this site would love to listen to by adding them to the comments section…


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