Sissy Mind Alteration by LilyTheSissy

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Welcome sissy. Relax and read my words. I am going to alter your mind. Permanently. These changes are necessary. You will submit. And You Will Obey. You are a sissy. You live for cock. Let him fill you. You wish this was you. You dream of worshipping this. Slut. Keep your legs spread. Know your place, Fagot. You were never a man. Good girl. Be Her. Let him use you. You belong to him. Submissive sissy fuck toy. Crave big black cock. Sissygasm. Worship his cock. Cock. Sissy Faggot. Fucktoy. Cumslut. Sissy. Tease him with your ass. Then let him fuck it. Good little sissy bitch. Real men wouldn’t let this happen to them. But a sissy would. Enjoy Sissy Mind Alteration by LilyTheSissy.


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