Sissy Mindmeld by LilyTheSissy

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Hello sissy. I’m glad you are here. But I must warn you, the effects of this video are irreversible. But you don’t care do you? Good. That’s what I thought. Have fun sissy. Bounce on his cock. You are inferior slut. Let him destroy your ass. You love to be dominated. His cock makes you cum. You are his useless toy. This is what you want. This is what you need. Get fucked in public. Submit to alpha cock. This is what you live for. Practice on yourself. Good slut. Train your boipussy. I know you crave this. Spread your legs. Let him take control. Relax and be a good girl. You could be just like them. Toys for alpha males. Never use a condom. Swallow his cum. You want cock in your sissy mouth, then your boipussy. If you’re still watching, I have some bad news… I know who you are. I know what you crave. It’s no secret, sissy. You want to be used like the sissy faggot I know you are. Enjoy Sissy Mindmeld by LilyTheSissy.


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