Sissy Trainer for Analsluts by SissyLadyB

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So you want to be an Analslut for men? Do you want men to desire your girly ass? Start to act like an Analslut. Panties down for real cocks! Do the butt lift workout… single leg kickbacks, 20 times each leg. Squats, 30 times. Kickbacks in tabletop position, 15 times each leg. Donkey kicks, 15 times each leg. Crossovers, 15 times each leg. Glute bridges, 15 times. Single leg glute bridges, 15 times each leg. Do 2-3 sets of these reps every day for a great girly butt that will have all the guys dying to stick their cock inside you. Enjoy Sissy Trainer for Analsluts by SissyLadyB.

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