Spells – The Chapters by MrsDevilTheory

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You are going to be a pretty little sissy slut. It’s time for you to dress up. Don’t forget your make up and glitter. Listen to the music. You are so girly. Look how pretty you look. Imagine all the admirers you will receive. All the cuties will be staring at you. Shopping trips. Purse holding. Lunch dates. Make your fantasy into reality. Every new years resolution should be gaining the attention of the desired sex. Surrender to the feminine form. You feel yourself swelling, pulsating, every inch of your flesh becoming more and more aroused. More sensitive. So stimulated. You feel so completely safe and so very turned on. You can’t explain it. That’s perfectly normal, perfectly natural to feel confused. To feel lost. Just let it go. Let it all go for me. Today is the day you meet your first real dom. For this particular task I want you to remember a few things. First your safe word, pineapple. Second to trust me. Third remember your senses, they will guide you to the right man. Advance to the next level. Enjoy Spells – The Chapters by MrsDevilTheory.

Chapter 1: Solo

Chapter 2: One and One

Chapter 3: One and Rough

Chapter 4: One and Many


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