Strip For Daddy by SissyFoxi

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Sissy. Wear panties. Wear lingerie. Dress up sexy. Wiggle that ass. Learn to strip. Sissy. Flirt. Whore. Slave. Sissy twerk. Cock sucker. Whore. Sissy. Girly slut. Wear satin. Filthy slut. Daddy’s here. Pout at daddy. Make him feel the sexual tension. His compliments make you horny. Wear stockings to turn him on. Lacey thongs. Apply make up to give daddy something to ruin. Some lipstick to get him going. Get your heels on and make an entrance for your daddy. You are a girl. Girly slut. Sissy. Slut. You fucking love it sissy. Slave. Naughty sissies must have their bottom spanked. OMG finally a cock to serve. You are a girl. Let daddy touch you. You need that cock in your sissy mouth. Wank that big black cock you dirty sissy slut. Suck. Suck. Suck. Play with his balls. You love serving black men. You want to be his ass cleaner. You had better do a good fucking job. You should have put more effort into it, you’re in trouble. You are their property. Be Daddy’s Fuck Hole Sissy. Daddy’s angry you are his release. Just give in to daddy. This is your life now. It feels so good having your sissy ass fucked. A good sissy takes every inch of a big black cock. Cum sissy. Drink it. Fucking milk him. Drink it. Keep sucking. Drink all of daddy’s cum sissy. Take it. Good girl. Enjoy Strip For Daddy by SissyFoxi.


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