Talking Body by AnalCumBunny

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Being a girl opens so many doors for you. So many doors for being a slut. Being a sexy sissy bimbo whore will give you so much. So much cock, so much cum. So many doors will open once you transition. Did you know there are so many celebrities that are secretly transgender? I wonder if you know any, let me know in the comments below. Being involved in this area of the sex business for so long you can see who are the trannies. Manly traits are everywhere in celebrity circles. Long necks. The hint of Adam’s apples. Sloping foreheads. Wide shoulders, and slim hips. Once you know, you will pick them out so easily. Search ‘secret transgender celebrities 2018’ and watch the video and channel. Sissies are taking over! Great news for all of us sissy sluts! Why is everything on its head? Hollywood. If you’re not transgender you won’t go far. Take it from me sissy, I know so many actors and actresses who can’t find work because they are straight. So it’s great that you are turning into a sissy bimbo whore. More work, more fun, more money, more cum. Enjoy Talking Body by AnalCumBunny.

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