The Complete Sissy Rulebook

Today we’re going to share with you the main rules you must follow as a sissy. These rules must be adhered to if you are going to be a successful sissy girly girl. Read through them, memorize them and use them daily. Being a good sissy girly girl is your life now. Enjoy The Complet Sissy Rulebook.

Rule#1: A sissy does not have a cock. A sissy has a clitty

Rule#2: A sissy wears a bra and panties

Rule#3: A sissy loves cock

Rule#4: A sissy loves cum

Rule#5: A sissy takes it in the ass

Rule#6: A sissy loves pink

Rule#7: A sissy loves her toys

Rule#8: A sissy dresses like a slut

Rule#9: A sissy shares

Rule#10: Sissies love facials

Rule#11: A sissy must have a tight ass

Rule#12: A sissy must have perfect bimbo makeup

Rule#13: A sissy grows big fake tits

Rule#14: A sissy is a pro cock sucker

Rule#15: One is not enough

Rule#16: A sissy belongs on her knees

Rule#17: A sissy doesn’t forget to practice

Rule#18: Sissies swallow

Rule#19: A sissy begs for it

Rule#20: A sissy will fuck anywhere

Rule#21: Sissies love to plug

Rule#22: Every sissy dreams of being a bimbo

Rule#23: Cum is your reward

Rule#24: You are a tool used to please cock. Every cock.

Rule#25: You prefer Big Black Dick

Rule#26: Sissies love garters and stockings

Rule#27: Sissies love a good gloryhole

Rule#28: A sissy loves the taste of her own cum

Rule#29: Woman is superior to sissy

Rule#30: A sissy doesn’t have a boyfriend, a sissy has a master(Daddy)

Rule#31: A sissy doesn’t have a girlfriend, a sissy has a mistress

Rule#32: Sissies bend over

Rule#33: Sissies love heels

Rule#34: Sissies can’t forget to tuck their clitty

Rule#35: A sissy’s ass is always on display

Rule#36: Cute panties are essential

Rule#37: Sissies wear tight leggings to attract men to their ass

Rule#38: A sissy doesn’t neglect the balls

Rule#39: A sissy has no butthole, a sissy has a pussy

Rule#40: A sissy does not jerk her cock. A sissy cums only from getting her ass fucked

Rule#41: A sissy has two holes, both should be put to use

Rule#42: Paint your face to look like a whore

Rule#43: Work out to keep your sexy sissy bod fit

Rule#44: Expose your thong so that they know that its on

Rule#45: A sissy’s body is smooth and shaven all over

Rule#46: A sissy’s body is always for sale

Rule#47: Cum is not to be wasted

Rule#48: Sissies don’t think. Sissies do as they’re told

Rule#49: A sissy’s mouth is not made for talking

Rule#50: Sissies love to be degraded

Rule#51: Big black cock is a delicacy and should be treated as such

Rule#52: Sissies love playtime

Rule#53: Sissies take every inch

Rule#54: Sissies always dress slutty when they go out. So they always get fucked

Rule#55: Panties are only removed for cock

Rule#56: No skirt is too short

Rule#57: Sissies wear bikinis

Rule#58: The only use a sissy has for a condom, is slurping up Daddy’s cum

Rule#59: Wear a black bra, so they know you’re naughty

Rule#60: Sissies fuck outdoors

Rule#61: Pink is to be worn as a badge of sissy pride

Rule#62: Never say no to cock

Rule#63: You’re not a person, you’re a sissy fuck toy

Rule#64: A sissy doesn’t jerk her clitty. She fucks both her holes while rubbing her clitty like a dirty girl

Rule#65: Send pics of yourself to cute boys, let them know you’re a dirty slut

Rule#66: Sissies sit when they pee

Rule#67: Sissies love a nice gang bang

Rule#68: Pink panties alone will not make you a sissy. You must have the body and mind of a true sissy slut

Rule#69: Sissies play with eachother

Rule#70: Cum is essential in a sissy’s daily diet

Rule#71: Sissies are whores that don’t earn a thing. Sissies give everything to their Daddy or Mistress

Rule#72: Sissies are property that can be bought or sold

Rule#73: Wear stockings and stilettos

Rule#74: Sissies tuck their clitty into pantyhose

Rule#75: Paint your lips, make them a bright red target for cock

Rule#76: Sissies love bukkake

Rule#77: Every sissy has a little black dress

Rule#78: Your sissy ass was made to take big dicks

Rule#79: Sissies wear make up to look like perfect little Bimbo Fuck Dolls

Rule#80: Sissies wear sexy lingerie to bed

Rule#81: Sissies love giving roadhead

Rule#82: Sissies eat ass

Rule#83: Sissies love to feel the bulge of a hard cock

Rule#84: Sissies always say yes

Rule#85: Always keep eye contact

Rule#86: Grow your hair long so men have something to grab while they pound your ass

Rule#87: Sissies are punished when they misbehave

Rule#88: Sissies don’t mind getting kinky

Rule#89: Strap-ons should always be treated as if they were real cocks

Rule#90: A sissy’s legs are always open

Rule#91: A sissy always showers with her daddy

Rule#92: Sissies don’t try to hide their panties, they proudly present them for all to see

Rule#93: A dildo is a sissy’s best friend

Rule#94: A sissy’s pants should always be skin tight

Rule#95: Work your sissy ass, so it can handle being fucked on a daily basis

Rule#96: Sissies wear yoga pants because they know how good their ass looks

Rule#97: Find some sissy friends. Go out and get fucked together

Rule#98: Real women don’t enjoy being groped, but sissies don’t mind at all

Rule#99: All a sissy needs to know is how to please a cock

Rule#100: Be a good girl

Rule#101: A sissy can never have enough shoes

Rule#102: A sissy’s breath always smells like cock

Rule#103: Sissies proudly buy their lingerie in the store

Rule#104: Sissies find a way to dress sexy even when it’s cold

Rule#105: Sissies eat their own cum to remind themselves that they are no longer a man

Rule#106: Sissies love eating pussy only when they get to lap up the Alpha cum dripping from inside

Rule#107: Sissies bounce up and down on real men’s long hard cocks

Rule#108: Sissies love to finger their own asshole

Rule#109: Sissies wear panties when they run their clitty

Rule#110: A sissy always says please and thank you

Rule#111: Sissies read girly magazines

Rule#112: If cum isn’t leaking from your gaping asshole, you’re not done yet

Rule#113: Look cute when you look for cock

Rule#114: Sissies love wearing crotchless panties

Rule#115: Every sissy wants a black daddy

Rule#116: Sissies don’t fuck women, women fuck sissies

Rule#117: Sissies don’t want to be normal girls, sissies want to be bimbo fuck dolls

Rule#118: A sissy needs no help putting on a bra

Rule#119: Wear a tight thong when you plug your boi pussy

Rule#120: Never be afraid of a huge cock, you must worship it as you do every cock

Rule#121: Forget about boxers, sissies wear pretty pink panties

Rule#122: Sissies like it rough

Rule#123: Drop those panties when Daddy says so

Rule#124: Every sissy needs someone to teach them to suck cock

Rule#125: A sissy should never run out of her bras and panties

Rule#126: Wear a crop top, make all the boys stare

Rule#127: Sissies love the feeling of a tight corset hugging their body

Rule#128: Sissies always go out with the intention of getting fucked

Rule#129: A sissy’s ass needs to be trained to take big cocks

Rule#130: Cum dumpster is not an insult it’s your occupation

Rule#131: Sissies get fake tits so they can be fucked in a whole new way

Rule#132: Transform yourself into a perfect bimbo pin-up girl

Rule#133: Desperate for a good fucking? Pick your phone up Sissy, make a booty call

Rule#134: Always treat the balls with extra care, after all, that’s wear your treat is made

Rule#135: Sissies don’t wear lingerie to seduce men, sissies wear lingerie because it makes them feel feminine

Rule#136: Sissies love to feel their big fake tits supported by a tight bra

Rule#137: You can always find a way to practice sucking cock

Rule#138: A sissy is content with the size of her clitty, its small size reminds her that she is not a man

Rule#139: Study real women, take notes

Rule#140: Cum is not to be wiped away and disposed of, it is to be worn with pride

Rule#141: Always look as cute as can be when you go out shopping

Rule#142: When you see a cute boy make that booty pop

Rule#143: No cock is too big for a sissy like you

Rule#144: Always be ready for Daddy when he comes home

Rule#145: Your job is to help him with his real job

Rule#146: Every sissy wants to be owned by a big black man with a big black cock

Rule#147: Sissies love to wear matching lingerie

Rule#148: Keep your clitty and boi pussy clean and shaven

Rule#149: A sissy works out like a girl

Rule#150: Sissies don’t get to fuck anyone, sissies get fucked by everyone

Rule#151: A Sissy’s Clitty must be caged

Rule#152: Sissies love fucking while wearing heels

Rule#153: Always treat the balls with extra special care, for they carry your sweet reward

Rule#154: Use anal beads to train your sissy boi pussy

Rule#155: A sissy does not want to be free. A sissy wants to be used

Rule#156: Eat so much cum, that you become addicted

Rule#157: A Sissy’s shorts can never be too short

Rule#158: A sissy wears a bra, even if she has no breasts                             

Rule#159: Show Daddy his cum before you swallow it

Rule#160: Sissies give free lap dances

Rule#161: You’re not a sissy because you used to be a man, you’re a sissy because you never were

Rule#162: A Sissy’s favorite fruit is of course the banana

Rule#163: Every Sissy wants to grow up to be a Brainless Bimbo. A Dumb Cum slut who desires nothing but to be used by men as a worthless Fuck Toy

Rule#164: A Sissy must be perfectly submissive. On her knees with her mouth open is not only where she belongs, it’s where she lives

Rule#165: Sissies love playing with their food                                             

Rule#166: Once a Sissy has her panties around her ankles, she’s ready for a cock to pound her pussy

Rule#167: No matter how big or small, always put your sissy titties on display

Rule#168: Sissies play fetch with a nice long double sided dildo

Rule#169: Sissies worship black cock because black men are the true alpha males. Sissies live to serve their massive cocks

Rule#170: A Sissy feels no shame for who she is or what she does

The Complete Sissy Rulebook – More to cum!


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