The Hole Of Glory by Sissy Gal Jasmine

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Well my dirty little slut today we are going to step things up for your little cocksucking ass. Now I know I’ve gotten you to jerk your dick a lot to these gay porn videos where you see these hot big dicks just waiting to be sucked and just looking for a hole to fuck. But, today you are actually really going to become the true cocksucking whore that you know yourself to be. You know you love to suck the dick. And so today in this dirty disgusting adult video store you are going to suck off as many anonymous cocks as I tell you to. You are going to shove them down your throat and any second there is going to be some stud who is going to come to this gloryhole right here and he’s going to expect a blowjob and you are going to do it. You are going to suck his fucking dick. You are going to suck it until he sprays his disgusting load all over your face and then the next guy is going to come in and you are going to suck him off too. And the next guy, the next guy and the next guy until you think you just can’t suck any more dick. Enjoy The Hole Of Glory by Sissy Gal Jasmine.

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