The Hottest Sissies – Top 5 of 2019 (November)

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Hey Sissies. It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared videos of some of, which I believe are, the top hottest amateur sissies, traps and boi’s I’ve seen recently. I believe you will agree with me that these sissy girly girls are absolutely gorgeous. There are many more than the five I list here. We must all aspire to be as sexy as them…

In no particular order, here are the hottest amateur sissies for November 2019:

Huinaijiang (AKA hlx19941021)

Emily_Costa04 (AKA Narizinhotrans, Emily Gavassi, Emily Vegana)

Raven_Babe (AKA tsRavenBabe)

Valery McQueen (AKA Valeriymcqueen)

Eduarda Rodrigues (AKA Eduarda Fenix, Candice Duda)


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