Trans Sissy Play-Day Guide by IsilyenRosalyn

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It’s time to break free. A sissy always sleeps in lingerie… Wake up, sissy! You do your chores. Always dressed. You take the trash out in panties. And you always work that sexy body. You keep sexy and healthy. You shower like a good sissy girl. You stay pretty… especially places that matter so much… You love how you look. So feminine. All dressed and so pretty. But you crave for more. Everyday you want to give in… You want to please… You want to belong… It must be so good to obey… Maybe you want to do dirty things. Be watched as you transform. You know what turns him on… It feels good to be told what to do. You know you are a tease and you love it. Don’t be shy. You love being on display. Eagery. Horny. Needy. Invite him. You want to be gift wrapped to belong. Enjoy Trans Sissy Play-Day Guide by IsilyenRosalyn.


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