Welcome Home My Sissy Girl by Mortus Girls

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Welcome sissy. Do you mind if I call you girl? Don’t answer I know why you are here. Fear. Desire. Submission. You don’t need to understand it. It’s very simple. Real men don’t need to watch these videos. I’m glad we found your goal. Good girl. If you’re honest with me we will achieve a lot. Open yourself up to it. Show me your true nature. Good girl. Your training starts now. Tell me, honestly what do you think about when you jerk off? Are you thinking about a girl who’s pleasuring someone’s cock? Or do you think about the cock she’ll be pleasuring? It’s such a weird question, isn’t it? But the answer is the only one here… It will help us to understand how far you have gone. Sooner or later you will realize that there is no difference anymore and all is pretty clear I can see how much you want it. Your poor body can’t wait any longer. You know what you need. You know you can have it and you now exactly what you have to do no matter how you torture yourself trying not to think about it. The desire to touch this guilty pleasure will become only stronger. It amuses me so much when you deny it when all you do is think about cock and jerk your clit off. Enjoy Welcome Home My Sissy Girl by Mortus Girls.


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