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It’s Wednesday which means it is Worship Wednesday! So what does worship Wednesday mean? Number one I usually release a new recording focusing on various forms of worship and tributes! Does that word tribute make you cringe? Maybe because you automatically think of tribute in a monetary form however I do not! A tribute to Me can be taking a moment to leave feedback, a download of one of My recordings, a purchase from My wish list, a phone call or a chat message that simply expresses your submission, devotion and gratitude!

I am often told that My legs are incredibly sexy! With summer winding down they are not only toned but tanned. Enjoy!

~NEW~ Sexy Bare Legs 

My smooth, tanned legs are the focus of this video although My dress shows off My stunning cleavage perfectly! Crossing and uncrossing My legs I also have on a pair of black stiletto high heels which only enhance My sexy legs! Running My elegant hand up and down My bare legs I want you to visualize just the effect they would have on you! Featuring Femdom, leg worship, high heels, bare legs, cleavage

Although I won’t be available later today or tonight My fellow Flirt and friend Peyton will be available! She is a true sensualist and has an incredible voice! Call Her direct at 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383 or visit Her at PEYTON WILL BREAK YOU HERE. She let Me have a peek at Her obedience training audio file ~ I know that you will enjoy it!

Obedience Training by Mistress Peyton 

So here you are wanting to become my bitch… do you have what it takes for training? Find out here from Mistress Peyton!

~~~~ More for Worship Wednesday! ~~~

Worship ~ you are MY panty sniffer 

I know that you have a panty fetish! In fact, it is totally out of control! you get dirty panties from Women from all over the world and keep collecting! As soon as the scent is gone-you HAVE to have another pair! Guess what? Those days are over! If you want to have MY panties, you will ONLY HAVE MINE! No one else’ s! Now, I will instruct you exactly how you are to worship them! Featuring panty worship, panty sniffing, femdom, humiliation, panty worship instructions

Devote yourself to Me! 

Dressed in a skintight leather bustier, short leather skirt and leather thigh high boots, I explain how you WILL devote yourself to Me and what it means! Spending time on your knees, worshiping and focusing on Me and how you will please Me.I will take everything in your life and hold it in the palm of My hand. Controlling you, reprogramming you until you are formed into what I desire.

Mind Control Come to Me 

This audio recording is particularly erotic and touches on those deep feelings of submission. The craving and need you have always had to serve a powerful Dominant Woman. Bringing you into trance, I begin implanting in your subconscious mind that you WILL Come to Me ~ that you will serve Me ~ that you will worship Me!Elements of hypnosis, mind fuck, brainwashing, femdom, female domination

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