Your Sissy New Years Resolution – Ultimate Goddess Gracie Sissy Hypnosis

Brainwashing in its purest form, these files are a curse which has extremely positive effects on the lives of little sissy princesses and silly bimbos alike. You will learn what true acceptance means and your little mind will understand that there is no turning back. You may already feel like you have reached some degree of acceptance regarding your sissy nature and that is wonderful, however this file will allow you reach true lifelong acceptance of not only your sexuality, but also your fluffy little place in the world and everything that entails.

Goddess Gracie

Yes sweetie, you will be taught to accept everything just as it is and this will make your life so much more pleasant and joyful. So nice to surrender to reality and just let it be. Happiness and positivity are a big focus of these files sweetie and you will learn to become a happier, more positive person and these effects will not soon fade upon reaching the file’s conclusion. You will treat everyone in your life with kindness and love but you will also learn to not care about the approval of others because your self-love and self-acceptance allow you to follow your heart and not get caught up in the misperceptions of those around you.

You will learn true acceptance of your place serving real men with your little pussy and happy giggly mouth and you will learn true acceptance of your place where women are concerned. You will learn to fully accept the platonic sisterly relationships that true pathological sissies have with women and you will be so happy that you aren’t expected to go anywhere near their frightening and utterly contemptuous vaginas that look like they could just chew a sissy’s soft little clitty to pieces.

The full hypnosis session is approximately 29 hours. The tracks are in a playlist. At the end of each track it automatically starts the next track. Sit back, relax and listen carefully. You are about to be truly hypnotized by one of the best. Listen morning, noon and night. Listen all day, all night. Keep listening. Be the best sissy girly girl you can. Let Goddess Gracie train you:

Track Listing

  1. Acceptance Curse 49:29
  2. All Things Sissy – Part 1 01:12:18
  3. All Things Sissy – Part 2 55:09
  4. Big Cocks vs Tiny Clitties 47:27
  5. Bimbo Blessing Lite 45:19
  6. Bimbo Blessing Part 1 Induction Warning 11:44
  7. Bimbo Blessing Part 2 Curse 45:37
  8. Bimbo Blessing Redux 55:56
  9. Bimbo Mantras 25:17
  10. Cumslut Chronicles – Man Pleaser 58:18
  11. Eternal Sissy Happiness 34:09
  12. Prison Bitch 50:24
  13. Goddess Gracies Good Girl Part 2 43:10
  14. Goddess Gracies Good Girl Part 3 (Custom) 42:03
  15. Goddess Gracies Good Girl Part 3 42:22
  16. Goddess Gracies Good Girl 26:53
  17. Good Sissies Obey (Custom) 40:42
  18. Honesty Curse Introduction Warning 04:09
  19. Honesty Curse 27:43
  20. Limp Clitty Mantras 33:47
  21. Man Obsession 01:08:10
  22. Manhood Eraser 43:16
  23. No More Diddles 42:17
  24. Pink Paradise Curse 52:43
  25. Serenity 50:53
  26. Sissy Sex Ed 43:23
  27. Sissy Sparkle 2 01:30:01
  28. Sissy Sparkle 01:13:10
  29. The Logic of Limp 36:27
  30. Limp Clitty Remix 08:45
  31. Limp Clitty v2 12:19
  32. Limp Clitty 06:10
  33. Pantyhose 07:35
  34. Sissy Cock Slut 06:51
  35. Sissy Affirmations 05:06
  36. Daddys Princess 06:06
  37. Clitty Shrinker 06:44
  38. Sissygasm 13:45
  39. Limp For Pussy 11:33
  40. Bimbo Brain Melt Subliminal 02:59
  41. Bimbo Brain Melt 17:31
  42. Mommys Good Girl Subliminal 03:06
  43. Sissy Pride 17:55
  44. Feminine Habits 15:23
  45. Happy Titties 12:48
  46. Love Ryan Gosling 08:32
  47. Limp & Tiny 11:25
  48. Crave Cock & Cum 12:01
  49. BBC Obsession 12:01
  50. Bimbo Heatwave 15:12
  51. Kindness & Love 13:14
  52. Limp Clitty Humiliation 15:05
  53. Pretty Whore 14:05
  54. Sissy Overload 15:48
  55. Pretty New Name 09:27
  56. Training Loop 30 – Sparkle Slut 16:20
  57. Selfie Slut 16:23
  58. Lifelong Love 12:19
  59. Bra Training 11:30
  60. Sissy Cuckie (Custom) 10:33
  61. Panties Subliminal 01:42
  62. Panties 09:43
  63. Compulsive Clitty Diddler 10:09
  64. Correct Thoughts 11:21
  65. Women Just Know 45:19


Click here for a zip archive of the entire session

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